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We are Heat Transfer Equipments Pvt Ltd experienced in the fields of Cooling Tower Manufacturer. We have member with (CTI USA) Cooling Technology Institute USA. Dry Cooling Tower area unit normally employed in the ability Plant, it’s latest model cooling. A many power plants area unit cooled just by air. Dry cooling is AN instrumentation that is employed dry cooler of defensive the operating fluid from ecological revelation and contamination. There’s no loss of water by evaporation as a result of No water consumption during this sort of cooling and additionally, we have a tendency to install the dry cooling in a very right manner.

Why Choose Dry Cooling Tower

How to Design Dry Cooling Tower?

We area unit coming up with the dry cooling tower as per the client needs and that we having 23 years knowledgeable about in cooling tower industry. we've got simple and develop the timber cooling tower for varied industries. Our coming up with department is updated and extremely qualified engineers with coming up with information and coming up with standards by cooling tower technology (CTI Membership).If the thermal power station isn't set on the seaboard or close to an enormous lake and if the water is either too exclusive to use a wet cooling, then the sole cooling preference is employing a dry cooling tower. An enormous of water gets preserved on exploitation dry coolings and Optimized cooling tower coming up with and develop exploitation latest materials and latest technology construction ways. In Dry cooling tower, Reduced yearly operational prices and it conjointly No decomposition caused by air and this sort of cooling performance ensures minimum ecological impact.

Applications of Dry/Coil Cooling Tower

Advantages of Dry/Coil Cooling Tower

Technical Functions of Coil Cooling Tower

Air-Cooled fluid coolers are created in our trendy plant of International standards, The design. selection, construction of cool fluid coolers are through software system which provides North American nation a awfully correct knowledge on thermal transfer rate, supported that we have a tendency to manufacture towers. The Tubes and fins are of Copper and metal MOC, severally. Copper tubes of 5/8″ OD are level wound and also the joints are reduced. The come bends are exactness die shaped to confirm the thickness is maintained with uniformity. All joints are tested for pressure and leak. The headers (Inlet & Outlet) are of significant category steel and also the brazed connections are strengthen for long lasting. The water duty coil are supplied with appropriate vent associations at the very best purpose and drain connection at very cheap purpose. Fans are of the axial flow sort, driven by motor.

Salient Features of Dry/Coil Cooling Tower


The best quality imported (5/8″) OD copper tubes in Level Wound Coils are utilized. This guarantee curls with the base number of joints by shaping a fastener twists and also to frame a uniform divider thickness that wipes out humiliating and costly breaks after establishment. Tubes are lurched in the way of wind current for better warmth exchange effectiveness.

They are bite the dust framed from thick walled tubing that is heavier than the standard tubing utilized in whatever remains of the loops. This gives the strength and solidness required in the most fundamental parts of the loops.

Inlet and outlet headers are built of substantial divider steel channels with shoulders framed at each brazed association with the 5/8″ tube in the curl. This shoulders interfered with extraordinary tooling gives the quality to the brazed joint that takes out another wellspring of hole amid travel and establishment.

Tubes are Mechanically extended for an optium bond among tube and blade. This positive and controlled extension methodology gives a spotless, smooth inward tube surface for permit water weight drop and ensures uniform warmth exchange between tube.

Dry Cooling Tower is mounted on a hard core channel base edge. Non destructive fiber glass/GI boards are utilized for fenced in area. Air progressively adjusted high proficiency hub stream fans with low clamor are utilized. The engines are IP 55 class with broadened SS shaft. The low speed of the engine limits clamor and expands effectiveness. Engines are extraordinarily intended to withstand dampness, rain and residue. The boiling water from the diesel motor is sent to the gulf of the Dry Cooling Tower. This high temp water is cooled and chilly water from the outlet of the cooling tower is associated with a pump which directs the water to the diesel motor (or some other load) to get the warmth from the generator.

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We are leading manufacturers of industrial cooling tower such as Dry Cooling Tower Coil Cooling Tower Closed Circuit / Closed Loop Cooling Tower in India. We are CTI Certified Cooling Tower Design in India.

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