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Adiabatic Coolers are a savvy and naturally amicable option in contrast to Cooling Towers – requiring fundamentally less upkeep, diminished legionella chance and operational expenses. They require no continuous substance treatment or enlistment with nearby specialists and utilize under 0.5% of customary Cooling Tower water use. The units utilize fans to work the cooling for a high level of the year with a splash framework which just actuates amid times of high encompassing temperatures. The splash movement is firmly checked utilizing a beating component to guarantee least adiabatic cooling is accommodated any given load and surrounding condition. This control diminishes water utilization and running expenses for a long, blame free life expectancy.

  • Spray cooling kicks in just when the encompassing air temperature is too high to utilize cooled air – spare a huge number of pounds in running expenses
  • Just uses mains chilly water when high ambients request larger amounts of cooling – rationing water
  • No compelling reason to enlist with the Health and Safety Executive as the danger of legionella is everything except evacuated
  • No further substance treatment required – sparing you asset and spending plan

Our Adiabatic Cooling Tower designed to meet your requirements including footprint, acoustics and construction materials. Overall, they offer significant energy and operational savings – helping you to boost productivity and efficiency of your site.

Our Adiabatic Cooling Tower Featurers Include

About Adiabatic Cooling Tower Products

Adiabatic Products are air-cooled coolers or condensers with adiabatic pre-coolers. Before the fan draws the encompassing air through the finned curl, the air is pre-cooled adiabatically while crossing a humidification cushion. This vanishes the water noticeable all around, hence boosting the cooling capacity.The consequence of this is adiabatic frameworks are exceptionally viable in hot, dry conditions, while utilizing less water than conventional evaporative units. Adiabatic units likewise convey the required cooling limit in a littler impression as well as lower fan engine torque than a totally dry cooler/condenser.



Adiabatic cooling Tower frameworks work comparably to dry cooling frameworks, yet with the consolidation of pre-cooling cushions; running water over pre-cooling cushions and drawing air through the cushions discourages the encompassing dry knob of the approaching air. The discouraged dry knob takes into account more prominent framework warm rejection.The consequence of this is adiabatic frameworks are profoundly compelling in hot, dry conditions, while utilizing less water than customary evaporative units. Adiabatic units additionally convey the required cooling limit in a littler impression or potentially bring down fan engine drive than a totally dry cooler/condenser.

The eco-Air Series of dry coolers and condensers speaks to most up to date progression in warm warmth exchange innovative work; the eco-Air Series adiabatic units expand warm dismissal with insignificant or no water utilize, working as a dry cooler until unfit to achieve limit while running dry. Joining 304L treated steel curls, aluminum blades, and 100% reused pre-cooling cushions, the V-setup adiabatic coolers and condensers give critical cooling limit in a little box size and low profile. Not at all like other adiabatic items right now available, the eco-Air Series units are 100% completely appraised. Each eco-Air unit accompanies restrictive 100% warm execution ensure, guaranteeing significant serenity in choosing the perfect cooling answer for your requirements.


The framework gives even water dissemination over the whole surface region of the cooling cushions to limit dry spots. The cushion’s fluted points coordinate water stream towards the air bay side of the cushion where most vanishing happens. A focused on measure of water isn’t dissipated, serving to ceaselessly flush the cushions, limiting scaling and obstructing of the gulf from air dust. This likewise limits the collection of earth on the finned surface region of the heat exchanger. The Adiabatic Cooling System’s exceedingly designed metered water circulation framework limits water treatment prerequisites.

Advantages Of Low Water Consumption

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Why go for evaporative rather than dry cooling?

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We are leading manufacturers of industrial cooling tower such as Dry Cooling Tower Coil Cooling Tower Closed Circuit / Closed Loop Cooling Tower in India. We are CTI Certified Cooling Tower Design in India.

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